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2020 TRAILMAX TRD-54-T 17.5
Product # NTS3678

TRD-54T-17.5 Gross Vehicle Weight Rating 60,800 lbs., Trailer Weight 12,100 lbs.
Capacity @ 65 MPH. (Uniformly Distributed) 48,700 lbs., Hitch Premier Model 300 Drawbar eye, 100,000 lb. capacity, adjustable for various hitch heights, 2-speed landing gear, 35,000 lb. capacity, Safety Chains 2 each 3/8" x 36" Grade 70 high test cadmium plated with slip hooks and safety latches, Deck Latch Over-center type with tension adjustment, lever and safety pin on driver side for ease of operation, Cushion Cylinder 5" x 12" with internal metered flow to cushion loading and unloading, Load Securement 10 each (5 per side) 1" D-Rings evenly distributed, Axles 3 each 20,000 lb. capacity each 5 in. round 1/2" wall thickness, 71 1/2" track and 40" spring centers, Hubs are Oil bath type with Stemco seals and oil cap Uni-mount hub and drum, 8 on 275mm bolt circle
Brakes 12 1/4" x 7 1/2" s-cam full air brakes with maxi spring brakes on two axles, automatic slack adjusters, equipped with 2S 2M anti-lock braking system, Suspension is Hutch H-9700 tri-axle with axle alignment capability, Wheels are 17.5" x 6.75" Uni-mount 8 on 275mm bolt circle

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