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Whether you’re in the process of starting a new snow removal business or looking to expand the one you already own, choosing the best snowplow for your unique business is one of the most important steps. With several different types to choose from, determining which one will best fit your needs can be challenging. Fortunately, Semi Service is here to help! We’ve compiled a list of the three most popular types of plows including the pros and cons of each to help you decide.

Straight Snow Plows

The premiere basic starter plow, straight snowplows are primarily used to clear snow in areas such as driveways and smaller parking lots by angling the blades away from buildings and towards the perimeter of the parking area. The pros of using a straight snow plow are they’re an effective way to do small to mid-size jobs, but if you have a larger job, you might want to consider a snow plow that’s a little bit more heavy-duty.

V-shaped Snow Plows

The perfect plow for making the initial breakthrough, the v-shaped plow is also perfect for cutting through hard packed snow, ice, and deep snowdrifts. The V-shaped plow can also be used in the straight or angled position for clearing wide paths and stacking, or the scoop position for clean-up and low-spill snow carrying. However, the v-plow is not particularly useful for those smaller jobs.

Adjustable Wing Snow Plows

Adjustable wing plows offer versatility by angling the wings forward, either independently or together, and can match any plowing condition. You can use the plow in compact mode for narrow areas and transport, or switch over to extra wide for larger plowing passes, giving you flexibility without having to switch plows. The drawback to the adjustable wing plow is that they’re one of the more expensive choices.

Don’t Forget Snow Plow Material!

In addition to choosing your type of snow plow, you’ll need to consider the material that goes into it as well! There are two major choices when it comes to material, steel or polyethylene (known by most as simply “poly.”) The type that goes best with your vehicle will depend on a few factors. Here are the important things to know about these types of materials:

Steel Snow Plows – The traditional type of snow plow material, steel can handle pretty much anything. These durable plows have been trusted for decades and definitely get the job done. The major benefit of a steel plow is that it’s the less expensive option, and when you go with a stainless steel version, it looks fantastic and will hold up for years of plowing with proper maintenance! Steel plows are treated to fight against corrosion and rust, and stainless steel models will tend to stick to snow less frequently than typical steel models.

Polyethylene Snow Plows – The new favorite, poly snow plows combine the durability of steel with a plastic option that’s just as ready for rough winter as its steel counterpart. The plastic material slides snow right off to prevent sticking, and snow plows made of this material will be resistant to all types of damage like scratches and dents. The biggest downside to a poly snow plow is that it ranges on the expensive side versus steel, but that extra expense is worth the additional value of these plows.

One thing to note: poly snow plows generally are not lighter than steel! While it may seem to be obvious, poly blades are reinforced, and that extra material adds to the weight.

Our Snow Plow Inventory is Huge!

We offer only the best in snow and ice control equipment from top brands like Western, SnowDogg by Buyers, and Henderson.

We make it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for and we sell a wide selection of:

  • Straight snow plows
  • V-shaped snow plows
  • Adjustable wing snow plows
  • Municipal spreaders
  • Tailgate spreaders
  • Granular and liquid ice control units
  • Liquid application systems

Interested in purchasing a plow from Semi Service? Contact our Snow Plow Sales Team today!

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No matter which plow you are interested in investing in, Semi Service offers snow plows for sale, thousands of parts and expert service to get you through those intense winter months.

We have only the best in snow and ice control equipment from top brands like Wester, SnowDogg by Buyers, and Henderson. Contact us online or give us a call at (800) 442-6687 to get started today!

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