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Autumn is upon us and with the drop in temperatures and the lovely change in colors also comes the reminder of what is up next – winter!  As the cold and snowy weather quickly approaches, it’s time to start prepping your contracting and landscaping service vehicles for snow removal. Autumn is the perfect time to prepare your vehicles, and we’ve got eight easy tips to help you get your snow removal vehicle in tiptop shape.

Top Eight Snow Plow Maintenance Tips

Tip #1 – Protect Electrical Components

Greasing all of your plow’s electrical components will protect them from the corrosion that can destroy the system. Taking this small step will save you both time and money and keep the electrical parts of the plow running smoothly all winter long.

Tip #2 – Fix Surface Damage

Nicks and scratches that expose metal leave your snow plow at risk for rusting. Any surface damage needs to be inspected, cleaned, prepped, and painted to ensure that rust doesn’t set in.

Tip #3 – Protect the Hydraulic System

Fully collapsing the lift cylinders and lubricating the chrome rods will protect your hydraulic system. Rust on the chrome lift rods can come off and enter the hydraulic system, which can lead to costly breakdowns ad repairs. Keeping the rods well lubricated will eliminate that risk.

Tip #4 – Eliminate Moisture Build Up

Draining the hydraulic fluid prior to storing your plow will prevent moisture from building up. This also prevents build up that can cause rust and other issues.

Tip #5 – Inspect the Iron

Check your snow plow from top to bottom, looking for wear, metal fatigue, cracks, or other issues that can negatively affect performance. Also, inspect the welds, nuts, and bolts to make sure they are all solid as well.

Tip #6 – Check your Hydraulic Oil

Remove the filler cap and dip a standard drinking straw or popsicle stick into the fluid reservoir. Be sure to only check fluid levels when the lift piston is fully retracted. If the level is less than 1-1/2 “ below the filter hole or looks dirty, check your manual for instructions on how to fill and change your hydraulic fluid.

Tip #7 – Monitor Hoses, Couplets, and Rams

Check all hoses for bubbles and cuts and all couplers for rust or leaks. Hose or coupler failures can result in the loss of oil pressure and cause power failure. Check rams for rut and leaks that can seep water into the hydraulic system and cause freeze ups. Replace any damaged parts you find.

Tip #8 – Check the Electrical System and Battery

For your snow plow to work effectively, the vehicle supporting it needs to be properly serviced. The vehicle should have at least a 70=am/hr battery and a 60-amp alternator. Regularly check the battery terminals to make sure they’re clean and free of corrosion, and add dielectric grease to all connections to prevent and corrosion. Be sure to check electrical components as well and ensure that wires are not touching hot engine parts or sharp sheet metal.

Take some time this fall to complete all eight of our plow maintenance tips and save yourself some potentially major headaches later on. By servicing your snowplow and the vehicle connected to it properly before winter hits, you’ll prevent major malfunctions that can truly leave you out in the cold.

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