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Key Snow Plow Accessories for Your Snow Plow Vehicle

Semi Service October 26, 2018

The next massive snowfall could be days away. While your snow plow may be at the ready, it’s a good idea not to take it to the roads alone. There are several snow plow accessories that can help improve your safety, your efficiency and your profits!

If you’re thinking of buying your first snow plow, or just aren’t familiar with every way you can customize your snow plow, read on to learn more!

Snow Deflector

One of the most common snow plow accessories for serious snow plow companies, a snow deflector helps you maintain visibility when clearing roads or pathways. In typical plowing, snow will climb up the plow and momentum will allow it to leap up over and onto your windshield. Deflectors sit on the top of the plow and catch it before it makes that hop.

During heavy snows, visibility can already be an issue. Safety is the most important part of successful snow plowing, so it’s no surprise that a deflector is a common accessory for anyone with a plow.

Rubber snow deflectors are resilient enough to last through the seasons, without being so rigid that they’ll break from the heaviest snows.

You can find deflectors for any type of plow, from straight to v-plows.

Cutting Edges

Without a cutting edge, a snow plow is just a big hunk of metal. Cutting edges are integral to efficient plowing. They function as the first point of contact with snow, to peel it up and into the plow.

There are three main types of cutting edges, and the type you choose often depends on the type of plowing you expect to do:

Steel Cutting Edge – The classic cutting edge, effective and durable. Steel cutting edges dig into ice and cut through snow effortlessly. However, they’re loud and can damage the surface you’re plowing, forcing some businesses to prohibit steel cutting edges when plowing their property.

Rubber Cutting Edge – If the snowfall in your area doesn’t typically pack tight or freeze into hard ice, a rubber cutting edge may be a good option. These are gentler on the surfaces they plow but won’t cut through ice. They can last longer than steel but cost a bit more.

Polyurethane Cutting Edge – The perfect middle-ground, polyurethane cutting edges are resilient, quiet, penetrate ice and don’t damage surfaces like steel. While they’re more expensive than alternatives, they last much longer and perform well in all settings.

Plow Shoes

While plowing over paved roads or driveways can be straightforward, snow falls indiscriminately over gravel, dirt and grass. If you must plow these types of paths, you’ll want snow plow shoes.

Shoes on your snow plow help raise the plow slightly and prevent it from digging into soft ground surfaces that could be upended by your plow. Likewise, it prevents your plow from getting forced into the ground and stuck.

Proper use of snow plow shoes over gravel surfaces can dramatically decrease the wear-and-tear on your plow and speed up your plowing service, too!


While lighting isn’t a unique aspect of snow plowing, it is a critical one. Preparing for the business day has snow plow drivers working through the night and into the early morning hours before the Sun rises. Mounted lights are a necessity to see past your plow and maintain visibility on the road.

Drag Blade

When you need a little finesse with your snow plowing, a drag blade is the snow plow accessory for you! These sit on the rear-bottom edge of your snow plow and let you clear snow away from edges like doors, walls or curbs.

For snow plow companies, these are helpful tools to simplify the process of clearing pathways to doors or other critical areas after clearing the snow. It’s not always easy or possible to push snow the direction it needs to go, so a drag blade gives you a clean way to manipulate remaining snow and clear it away.

Plow Wings

Not every job is the same. If you’re clearing narrow roads, you may want to keep your plow a reasonable width. But if you’re clearing a massive parking lot, some extra surface area could tremendously speed up your task.

Plow wings let extend the edges of your plow quickly and easily. These plow wings can add over 20 inches to your overall plow! The flexibility of adding or removing plow wings gives you a lot of control over your plow.

Plan for the Snowy Season

The full force of winter is coming. Don’t wait until you’re stuck in two-feet of snow to make sure your truck and plow are ready! Whether you need de-icing equipment, snow plows or snow plow accessories, Semi Service has been serving you in the Salt Lake area in Utah.

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