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Stay Safe This Winter with Semi Service’s Top 5 Snow Removal Safety Tips

Semi Service October 22, 2015

Operating a snow plow is extremely necessary, but can also be extremely dangerous. When the winter storms snow and ice build very quickly. Drivers will have no way of accessing roads without your services. Unfortunately, many snow plow operators are involved in accidents each year, some are even fatal. By following these five snow removal safety tips, you’ll avoid costly accidents and needless machine fatigue.

Tip #1 – A Flashing Amber Light is Your Friend

As a snow plow operator, you should always use a flashing amber light while operating your machine. Even if the machine is stationary, your light should be on. When the weather is severe enough to require plowing services, visibility is low and other drivers won’t be able to see you without that flashing safety light.

Tip #2 – Obey the Rules of the Road

When driving from site to site, you should never exceed 40 miles per hour. The roads are unsafe, which is why you’ve been called out to plow in the first place. So, make sure that you never go too fast. Also, while operating your plow, you should never exceed 14 miles per hour, or you could lose control of your machine. Lastly, don’t forget to wear your seat belt!

Tip #3 – Grab a Cup of Coffee and Stay Alert

Plowing snow after a heavy snow storm can wear you out! Stay alert, there are hidden obstacles around every corner. As you transport and operate your snow plow, you’ll likely run into obstacles that are buried in the snow. By following the speed guidelines and staying alert, you’ll avoid running into or over things that can not only potentially cause harm to you and your passengers but also damage your work truck.

Tip #4 – Get Your Equipment Winter-Ready

Before leaving your garage, check all of your equipment for readiness. Each plow operator needs to check his defroster, windshield wipers, flares, spreader, and plow bolts. Don’t leave for a job if any of this equipment is missing or faulty. For tips on getting your snow plow ready for winter, check out our blog post.

snow plow maintenance tips

Tip #5 – Check Your Snow Plow Position

Your radiator could overheat very quickly, especially when your snow plow is positioned too high. If you leave your blade too high, the airflow is restricted, this increases your engine temperature. You should watch your temperature gauge constantly, overheating will result in larger engine issues.

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When winter hits, you need a durable, high-quality snow plow to power through even the toughest of winter conditions. At Semi Service, we pride ourselves on offering first-class snow plows and salt spreaders in Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas. Choose from a huge inventory of top brands including Western, Henderson, and SnowDogg by Buyers.

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