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Flat beds are a great addition to any fleet vehicle. They transform your pickup or cargo truck into a super-charged workhorse, but what things do you need to look for when buying a truck flatbed?  Semi Service did the work so you don’t have to. Here are the top 5 tips for buying a truck flatbed.

Aluminum Vs.  Steel

There’s constant debate about which material is better for a flatbed: aluminum or steel? Semi Service did the research and created a handy little comparison table to help you decide which material works best for your needs:

Aluminum Steel
Lighter weight                              X
Least likely to rust                              X
Greater hauling power                       X
Least expensive                              X
Low Maintenance                      X

Tapered Corners or Straight Corners

Another important consideration is whether you want tapered corners or straight corners. A straight cornered flatbed is a very common options, but tapered corners will you give you a better turn radius when pulling a trailer. It’s also beneficial when traveling on winding roads or driving on rough terrain.

What type of hitch do you need?

If you’re hauling heavy loads with your vehicle, as opposed to towing, you might want to consider choosing a flatbed with a hitch. Many people choose a gooseneck hitch, which is designed for use with a pickup truck and uses a ball and coupler. Gooseneck hitches are most commonly used with livestock trailers. Another great option is the B&W hitch, which allows you to flip the hitch under your trailer when you’re not using it.

Buying a Truck Flatbed | Semi ServiceFlatbed with a Skirt

When deciding whether to purchase a flatbed with a skirt, you want to take into consideration trailer aerodynamics. A flatbed skirt is the most effective method for preventing aerodynamic drag. The advantage of a flatbed skirt is that it reduces wind resistance, increases driver safety, and reduces fuel costs.

Additional Features

There are some additional options that you should consider to help make your flatbed decision easier:

  • Extra fuel tanks
  • Tie downs
  • Side rails
  • LED lights
  • Toolboxes


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