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When your truck is your livelihood, keeping it in tip-top shape is instrumental to your business. However, this also means that when your truck is off the road due to maintenance and repairs it can impact your bottom line. Taking care of your truck on a regular basis through preventative maintenance means you stay safer on the road and your truck will, in all probability, need fewer extensive – and expensive – repairs. So, how do you know when you need service beyond the Let’s look at 5 indicators that you are in need of truck maintenance services.

Maintenance Lights

You’re driving down the road and a dashboard warning light comes on. Unfortunately, many drivers grow accustomed to ignoring them, which is especially true for the more common ones. But warning lights are there for a reason. They aren’t suggestion lights; warning lights are an indicator that something is wrong. Even if it’s not major, don’t ignore your warning lights.

When you ignore minor issues, they will become major down the road – and you never know how far down the road that will be. The best way to keep your truck operating properly and avoid a breakdown on the road is to get it in for a professional inspection and truck maintenance services when warning indicators light up your dashboard. You’ll make sure your truck is in full working order and ensure that a mechanical disaster isn’t right around the corner.

Fluid Leaking

There are a variety of fluids necessary to keep your truck running smoothly. However, those fluids should be contained, not leaking out of your engine or other parts of your vehicle. If you notice liquid during your pre-trip inspection, or if a pool of liquid is noticeable where your truck was parked when you are pulling out, it’s time to schedule truck maintenance services as quickly as possible.

When your truck is leaking fluids, critical parts of your vehicle can be left vulnerable to damage or even catastrophic failure. So, unless it’s rained recently, there’s no reason your truck should leave noticeable puddles of liquid.

Unexpected Engine Noises

Just like you get to know the creaks and clunks your home makes the longer you live there, the more you drive your truck, the more familiar you get with your vehicle’s noises. Long term, those engine sounds should be fairly consistent. You’ll get to know the hum of your engine.

When you are familiar with your engine’s hum and you notice that it is different when you’re driving, it could mean something’s wrong. Likewise, if you hear a noise that you’ve never heard before when you start up your truck, there’s a good chance something is wrong.

The good news is, just like a professional can often recognize warning signs from the sounds of an engine, you can tell when something doesn’t sound right. Trust your ears! When they tell you something sounds “funny,” get your truck in for inspection ASAP. Truck maintenance services are generally less expensive when you need repairs vs. replacement.

Braking Issues

The brakes are the most important part of your truck. If your brakes are bad, you are putting your life and the lives of others on the road in potential danger. The bottom line is, if your brakes aren’t trustworthy, your truck is not safe to be on the road.

When your truck’s brakes make unfamiliar sounds or they begin to feel spongey, it’s time to make getting to the shop your top priority. Another indication that your truck’s brakes may be due for repair or replacement is unusually slow braking. Keep tuned in to your truck; don’t put off brake maintenance to keep you and other drivers safe.

Body Roll Issues

Body rolling is part of driving. A vehicle’s suspension allows its wheels independent motion from its body. It happens in cars and it happens in trucks. Part of driving a big vehicle is body roll which is affected by everything from your shock absorbers to the alignment of your tires. Body roll is something else you can become accustomed to when driving your vehicle for long periods of time. So, just like it’s important to listen to your ears when you hear an unfamiliar engine noise, if you make a turn and the body roll feels different, it means something has changed. Getting it checked out sooner than later likely means repairs will be cheaper than if you put it off!

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