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Western® Snow Plows & Spreaders

When the heavy snow hits, you need a trusted business that offers a large inventory of snow plows and spreaders that get the job done.

Want quality snow plows? Buy from Semi Service!

Our powerful and reliable Western snow plows are perfect for heavy-duty, standard-duty, commercial, institutional, extended-use homeowner, and municipal snow plowing and removal.

Western snow plow models available from Semi Service include:

  • Suburbanite – an easy-to-attach snow plow for your SUV or compact pickup truck
  • HTS – a snow plow for personal use or light commercial application
  • Pro Plus – made for heavy-duty applications and municipality work
  • MVP Plus – the professional’s preferred snow plow for heavy, repetitive work
  • Wide-Out – move up to 30% more snow with this adjustable-wing snow plow

We also carry a full line of Western tailgate-mounted and hopper ice control salt and sand spreaders ideal for driveways, parking lots, and roadways.

For more information about snow plows and salt spreaders, read our plowing tips to increase efficiency.

Ready to purchase your Western snow plow or spreader?

Select one of the snow plows or salt spreaders below and click on the interested in purchasing link for more information. Or, contact one of our experienced sales representatives at (800) 442-6687 today!

Suburbanite™ | Personal Use Snow Plow

The Western Suburbanite™ snow plow is easy to attach to your SUV or compact pickup truck.

Quickly remove drifts from your driveway in the comfort of your warm vehicle. This is perfect for personal use.

  • SUV and Compact Pick-Up Ready
  • Poly Blade
  • Easy On / Easy Off
  • Trip Blade Protection
  • Lightweight (250 - 270 lbs)
  • Reliable Hydraulics
  • Intuitive Plow Controls

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HTS™ | Half-Ton Snow Plow

The Western HTS™ Half-Ton snow plow is your go-to plow for personal use or light commercial applications.

This plow is full-size and full-featured, designed for your lighter half-ton, four-wheel-drive pickup truck.

Rugged Moldboard

Want a rugged, pro-like snowplowing performance without the weight? Try our 14-gauge steel Rugged Moldboard.

  • 27" Tall
  • 7 1/2" Wide

Cutting edge is 5/16" thick x 6" high carbon steel and made for extra-long wear.

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MIDWEIGHT™ | Light Commercial Use

Built for light commercial use, the MIDWEIGHT™ boasts a lean design that works hard.

Moldboard Options

Choose between the 14-gauge powder-coated steel moldboard or the 1/4" high-density polyethylene option. The moldboard is sturdy and measures 27" tall.

The poly blade is durable and the slick surface enhances snow-rolling action. Plus, it's a maintenance-free surface!

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PRO PLUS® | Heavy - Duty Commercial to Light Minicipal Snow Plow

The popular PRO PLUS™ is made for heavy-duty applications and municipality work. The PRO-PLUS™ is relied on by contractors everywhere due to its strength and flexibility. Fits trucks from three-quarter-ton to F55 vehicles.

Plows in the PRO PLUS™ line are available in 7.5', 8', 8.5', and 9' lengths, with a 31.5" blade height.

  • Heavy-duty Steel Moldboard
  • Reinforced Plow Blade Structure
  • Trip Blade with Shock Absorbers
  • Steel Base Channel for Strength
  • Optional Snow Plow Wings

Innovative Cutting Blade

WESTERN has created an industry first! The PRO PLUS series features a Power Bar stretches across the back of the blade from end to end. This increases strength and rigidity to prevent blade twisting. There are also four heavy-duty coil springs and two shock absorbers to help absorb impacts.

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MVP PLUS™ | V-Plow

Fast and efficient, the MVP PLUS™ is the professional's preferred snow plow for heavy, repetitive work. The MVP PLUS™ V-Plow offers multiple positions, so it's easier for you to move a lot of snow in less time.

Powder Coated Steel and Poly Moldboards

The Moldboard is available in powder coated steel or high-density polyethylene, and comes in 7½’, 8½’, and 9½’ widths.

Reinforced V-Plow Blade Structure

  • Eight vertical ribs
  • Exclusive POWER BAR
  • Pitch Adjustment Feature
  • Triple Edge Protection
  • Steel Center Gap Cover
  • Designed for Efficiency

Save Money with Pitch Adjustment Feature

Adjust the blade pitch for more even cutting edge wear and longer cutting edge life! (Many competitor V-plows don't offer this!) When the cutting edge lasts longer, you spend less on replacement edges and parts.

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WIDE-OUT™ | Adjustable Wing Snow Plow

If you want the ultimate in Contractor Grade® equipment, the WIDE OUT™ is for you!

Move up to 30% more snow with this adjustable-wing snow plow. With the WIDE OUT™ you get an 8’ blade, a 10’ blade, an 8’10” scoop/pusher blade or a windrowing machine all at the touch of a button.

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TORNADO™ | Hopper Spreader

The Tornado™ Hopper Spreader offers Contractor Grade® ice control performance. Innovative features and one-piece poly construction increases efficiency and lets you get the job done faster.

Ice control is more efficient with the Tornado™ Hopper Spreader. It's available in three sizes, so it's easy to find a Tornado™ Sand and Salt Spreader that's just right for your snow and ice control contracting business.

  • Corrosion-free Hopper Spreader
  • Overlapping Poly Hopper Covers
  • Open Poly Hopper Covers
  • Dual Electric Motors
  • Steel Pintle Chain Conveyor
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PRO-FLO SERIES™ | Tailgate Spreader

The PRO-FLO SERIES™ handles #1 rock salt, calcium chloride, and sand. A wide, even spread is easy to achieve with the PRO-FLO SERIES™'s adjustable material flow feed gates and deflectors. This spreader is excellent for parking lots, driveways, and job sites in any condition.

  • 10 cu. ft. Capacity
  • Corrosion-free Polyethylene Hopper
  • 1/3 HP, 12V DC Motor with Belt Reduction Drive
  • Large 15 1/2" Poly Spinner
  • Adjustable Height, Feed Gate, and Deflectors
  • Center High-Mounted Stop Light meets FMVSS Requirements
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