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Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)

CNG: Using Natural Gas to Fuel the West

CNG is a readily available alternative to gas. CNG emits significantly smaller amount of emissions than gasoline, and we have an abundance of it in America. Learn more about CNG at CNG Now! online.

IMPCO Automotive, a division of IMPCO Technologies Inc, is fully dedicated to the North American market for CNG and LPG Bi-Fuel Injection systems, based on the technology of its sister company BRC Gas Equipment. IMPCO Automotive is responsible for all existing EPA and future CARB certifications, as well as all application engineering and servicing in order to develop the great potential of the North American market, with particular regards to the USA.

In 2010 Landi USA and Baytech combined to create Baytech by Landi Renzo. Baytech is a leader in the North American alternative fuels business, and has provided CARB- and EPA-approved CNG and LPG systems for GM platforms. With the international vision and large volume capacities of Landi Renzo and the innovation of Baytech, this company offers reliable and cutting-edge alternative fuel solutions.

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