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Telescopic, Boom & Truck Mounted Cranes


Liftmoore has manufactured quality crane products since 1961. Liftmoore's line of cranes includes everything from an electric DC-Powered 800 lbs. capacity (4,500 ft-lbs) to a hydraulic powered 10,000 lbs capacity ( 72,000 ft-lbs). Liftmoore's products are known for their quality craftsmanship and dependability.


Since 1982, Western Mule Cranes has set out to offer a complete line of lifting solutions to satisfy the lifting needs across various fields of work.


STAHL offers a full line of telescopic, boom, and truck-mounted mobile cranes with a variety of features and lifting capacities designed for dependability and quality. All of STAHL's mobile cranes come standard with automatic overload protection, to protect the crane from lifting in excess of capacity. STAHL units also feature a multi-function, detachable remote control, to allow for single-handed operation and prevent unauthorized use.


Auto Crane invented the first service crane in 1958, and since that time has upheld strict standards of safety-first design and manufacturing. Auto Crane boasts that its products engineered over thirty years ago still run strong today, providing Auto Crane's low cost-of-ownership value.


Stellar Industries offers a full range of hydraulic truck-mounted equipment including hooklift hoists, cable hoists, container carriers, service cranes, as well as mechanic truck and tire service packages. The company has designed and manufactured its products for over 25 years.

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