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How Preventive Commercial Truck Maintenance Helps You Avoid Costly Vehicle Failures

Semi Service March 31, 2021

Owning a commercial truck and trailer means you’re in charge of a big rig with a lot of moving parts. Like any vehicle, commercial truck maintenance plays a key role not only in the longevity of your truck’s lifespan, but also in how smoothly your day-to-day operations will go. It’s never a pleasant feeling when you’re halfway to a destination and your semi-truck starts to show signs of a maintenance failure!

Semi Service is the expert to trust when it comes to preventive commercial truck maintenance. We can keep your vehicle running like new for years to come – follow these tips to get started!

What Are the Most Important Parts of Preventative Commercial Truck Maintenance?


The number one thing you can do, whether you’re a single owner-operator or run a fleet of vehicles is to prepare for commercial truck maintenance. It’s much easier to keep track of everything when you start with a schedule than to wing it as the years roll on.

Getting your preventive maintenance schedule on track starts with noting key features of your vehicle, such as:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Year
  • Tire Size
  • Mileage

Just keeping track of these things will make maintenance a lot easier for your commercial truck. This information is handy for technicians working on the vehicle, and for you to keep a good estimate on when your vehicle might next need servicing.


Inspecting your vehicle as part of preventive maintenance is a core skill for experienced truckers. Keeping your vehicle properly inspected happens in two phases:

Operator Inspection

As a driver, you should have at least a minimum understanding of how the most important parts of your commercial truck should look, act, and feel. This gives you the ability to quickly identify problem areas to report for servicing or potential hazards that might make it unsafe to drive. These typically include things like:

Brakes – Brakes are the single most important part of any vehicle, especially a massive commercial semi-truck on the speedy highways of the United States. Every trip should include a pre-trip inspection of the brakes for visible issues in the lining or air pressure system

Fluids – Every driver should know how to identify leaking fluids and track fluid levels. While you may not be able to fix them, catching a small leak before it deteriorates further could save you hundreds or thousands in costly repairs

Tires – Separating your vehicle from the road, tire maintenance is something to take very seriously. No tire will last forever, and knowing the signs of a worn tire can help you prevent blowouts on the road

As you gain experience as a driver or fleet manager, you’ll come to better understand common issues and signs of trouble. These can help you catch problems earlier and get your vehicles into the shop.

Professional Inspections

No matter how good your eye for trouble is, it’s always good to get a second opinion from a professional semi-truck technician who has a facility, tools and equipment to get every detail they need about your truck. When it comes to commercial truck maintenance, the trained eye of a professional makes all the difference in turning what could be a major repair into a 5-minute maintenance job.

Keep your vehicle on a professional inspection schedule! Regular visits to the shop may seem like they would increase costs, but statistically, frequent maintenance lowers the overall expenses you’ll have for your vehicle in the long run.

What Types of Preventative Maintenance Will Your Vehicle Need?

Operational Safety Hazards

The last thing we want is for you to be driving an unsafe vehicle! When you bring your trailer into Semi Service, we’ll double and triple check your trailer’s frames, suspension, axles, wheels, and more to ensure that they’re in excellent driving condition.

Brake Maintenance

Your maintenance schedule will identify several mile-markers in which you should invest in brake maintenance. These services often include the inspection, lubrication, and sometimes replacement of brakes.

Liftgate Maintenance

If your trailer has a liftgate, Semi Service can provide you with preventative maintenance for that as well! We will check for wear and tear on chains, bearings, cables, sliding pads, hydraulic pumps and lubricate and replace parts when needed.

Engine Maintenance

Everything from coolants to leaks to filters are part of engine maintenance. As the heart of your vehicle, an engine that runs smoothly leads to a vehicle that runs smoothly. Paired with transmission, unidentified damage to your engine often means some of the most costly repairs for a commercial truck. But maintenance keeps them going for twice to three times as long without issue!

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