3 Things You Must Know Before Buying a Snow Plow Truck Attachment

Pickup truck with a snow plow truck attachment and mounted lights.

If you’re considering buying a snow plow truck attachment, you probably have some questions. It’s not a simple process to find the right snow plow for your vehicle, but it is an important one. There is a lot you need to keep in mind to make the most of your snow and ice removal service….
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3 Questions to Ask Before Leasing a Commercial Vehicle

Specialized crane truck flatbed from Semi Service in Salt Lake City, Utah

Leasing a commercial vehicle is a big commitment. If you’re operating a fleet, starting a new business, or looking to get into the trucking industry, make sure you do your research before signing on the dotted line. There are many types of vehicles available from tractor trailers to specialized vans and trucks. Each have their…
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Using a Semi Trailer Dolly for Your Doubles & Triples Endorsement

Semi-truck using a dolly to pull doubles in Utah.

If you’re interested in operating a long combination vehicle, also known as an LCV, one of the most important skills you’ll need is coupling a semi-trailer dolly. While it may sound like a basic skill for any operator, it’s one of the most critical for pulling doubles or triples. It’s also required to receive your…
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New Truck Driver’s Guide to Common Types of Semi-Trailers

Semi-truck with a tank trailer crossing a bridge

If you’re looking to get into trucking, you need to do your research. The type of semi-trailer you purchase dictates what kind of trucking you’ll be doing. Certain trailers come with specific maintenance requirements and give you the opportunity to handle more specialized jobs. Before you commit to a purchase, learn about the different types…
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