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4 Benefits of a CNG Conversion for Your Vehicle or Fleet

Semi Service March 23, 2017

Whether you own a fleet or are looking towards alternative fuels for your personal vehicle, compressed natural gas (CNG) has been a popular option worldwide for years. This alternative to gasoline is made by collecting natural gasses from the earth, primarily methane, and compressing it to less than 1% of its normal pressure in the atmosphere. This compressed natural gas is colorless, tasteless, and odorless.

While the US only has an estimated 150,000-250,000 natural gas vehicles, worldwide the number is closer to 15.2 million! Making the switch can be a big benefit to you or your fleet. If you already know you want to convert to CNG, contact Semi Service in Salt Lake City, where we specialize in CNG conversions! And if you’re on the fence about a CNG conversion for your vehicle, check out our list containing four of the best reasons to convert:

#1. You Can Save Money

Vehicles fueled by CNG are more efficient than traditional gasoline or diesel. Because of the low cost of CNG and the major changes in gasoline prices, refueling can cost up to 30%-40% less than gasoline! Compressed natural gas pricing is also much more stable, making it easier to estimate your long-term costs. Currently, gasoline prices are relatively low, but due to a waning supply and the unpredictable supply chain, the long-term outlook for gasoline or diesel is a return to drastically rising costs.

You can estimate how quickly you will begin saving money with this CNG Savings Calculator.

#2. They’re Easier to Maintain

In addition to long-term savings on fuel costs, the lower maintenance requirements of CNG vehicles will not only save you more money, but it can save you a lot of stress, too! CNG fuel systems are less complicated than gasoline or diesel fuel systems. Additionally, CNG fuel burns cleanly and is not corrosive, reducing damage to spark plugs, pipes and mufflers. Over time, this gives you a better engine life and less need for tune-ups or other costly repairs.

#3. CNG is Eco-Friendly

Natural gas vehicles produce less hydrocarbon emissions than vehicles burning gasoline or diesel, making CNG vehicles significantly eco-friendlier! The difference is drastic – compressed natural gas engines produce 70-95% less carbon monoxide, 20% less carbon dioxide (CO2) and almost 90% less nitrogen oxide.

It is true that they release more methane into the atmosphere than gasoline vehicles, but this is easily offset by the major reduction in other emissions.

#4. There’s an Abundant Domestic Supply

The US is one of the largest producers of natural gas in the world. Almost all of the CNG used in America is produced domestically. This is ideal for maintaining stable costs, stable supply, and improving the overall economy of the United States. Natural gas pipelines in America are vast and established, which aids in distribution from coast-to-coast.

Converting to CNG

You don’t need to purchase a brand-new vehicle to make the switch to CNG. It’s possible to convert the fuel system in your old vehicle to operate on natural gas.

The conversion kits and labor do cost a little more upfront, but your savings over time will easily offset the initial investment. There could also be governmental incentives for you to switch to a natural gas vehicle. You can find a resource list of state-by-state NGV incentives here.

There are two types of CNG conversions: dedicated or bi-fuel systems. Dedicated systems run solely on compressed natural gas and will have similar fuel capacity to your previous fuel system. Bi-fuel systems give you the option of using both CNG as well as gasoline or diesel. The downside to bi-fuel systems is that the CNG tank will be lower-capacity than going to a dedicated CNG system.

Each state has their own requirements for vehicle emissions, so check your local regulations before making your purchase or converting your vehicle. Don’t forget to make sure any conversion is done by qualified service professionals using kits that meet the EPA’s strict requirements.

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