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Semi Service Upgrades Tanker Truck with Baffles

Semi Service January 6, 2015

Tanker Truck BafflesSemi Service recently upgraded a semi chemical tanker with baffles so that it would be safer to operate by minimizing liquid slosh in the trailer. We used previously engineered drawings to quote out and design the job. A highly experienced welder/fabricator then installed the tanker truck baffles per the drawings. To finish the job, we welded the pads to the shell of the trailer and bolted in the baffle portions. In the end, the project took approximately 32 hours to complete, which included all fabrication of the material, IE cutting, rolling, and bending.

So what makes Semi Service better than other truck repair businesses in the area?

Tanker Truck BafflesWhile prepping for this job we found other structural issues inside the tank that needed to be repaired before this the tanker truck baffles could be installed. We informed the customer of the needed repairs, completed an estimate of repairs, completed the approved work and then moved on to the baffle install. Semi Service goes above and beyond in workmanship and in making sure customers are well informed.

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