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Semi Service Wins Landstar’s 3rd Party Inspection Shop of the Year 2019 Award

Semi Service March 26, 2020

Semi Service is proud to announce our Shop Team as Landstar’s Winner of the 2019 Inspection Shop of the Year award.

Congratulations to the Inspection Shop Team:  

  • Joe Carmichael  –  Trailer Shop Manager
  • Mike Anderson – VP
  • Bret Steel  –  Service Manager
  • Becky Benavidez  –  Trailer Service Writer
  • Mike Yeager  –  Trailer Service Writer
  • Norman Draidfort  –  Approved Tech/Inspector
  • Alexis Rosario  –  Approved Tech/Inspector
  • Ryan Denovellis  –  Approved Tech/Inspector
  • Sergio Alatorre  –  Approved Tech/Inspector
  • Marty Sarrels  –  Approved Tech/Inspector
  • Rodney Knowlden  –  Approved Tech/Inspector
  • Jerry Vancil  –  Approved Tech/Inspector
  • Toby Ledbetter  –  Approved Tech/Inspector
  • Trevor Eversole  –  Approved Tech/Inspector
  • Denny Solomon  –  Approved Tech/Inspector  
  • Leo Vera  –  Approved Tech/Inspector
  • Chad Bode  –  Approved Tech/Inspector

Joe Carmichael, Becky Benavidez and Mike Yeager, along with their Semi-Service Shop Team Members, have partnered with Landstar as a 3rd party inspection shop for almost 20 years.  That’s a lot of years of BCO inspections, including repairs, and maintenance on our Company Trailers! 

Just in the previous 12 months the shop team performed approx. 200 of these inspections and repairs with no issues while holding on to your Performance Level 1.  The Shop’s dedication to Landstar’s Inspection Program is obvious and why the team was winner of Landstar’s Inspection Shop for the 3rd Quarter of 2019.  In fact since 2016, when we began our award program, Semi-Service was previously nominated.

What is Landstar saying about Semi-Service?

Elaine, who is responsible for our BCO invoice program stated, “I never have any issues with their BCO invoices.   They are correctly filed out and I can depend on them to submit the invoices in a timely manner for quick payout.  I love talking to our inspection shops, but I can happily say I do not have to call them because they do it right!!”

Mark, who works in our Trailer Maint Dept. stated, “Semi service is always professional and courteous when conducting business with them. Becky, who I normally talk to, is always in a good mood and friendly over the phone. I voted for them also because of hearing from BCO’s that go there, I have never heard a complaint and BCO’s praise their quickness and quality of work.

Dottie, who also works in our Trailer Maint Dept. stated, “Semi-Service is a pleasure to work with; their response to our request for service is always positive.  Their work is completed in a professional and timely manner. They show a real concern for Landstar equipment and our striving for safety first.”  

Congratulations Semi-Service Shop Team as Landstar’s winner of 2019 Inspection Shop of the Year Award.  The Team will receive a beautiful trophy to display at their shop and a Landstar sponsor Pizza Party in their honor!

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