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Buyers® Snow Plows & Ice Control

If you’re in the snow removal business, then you know how challenging it can be to find a high-quality snow plow for you work truck. That’s why Semi Service only works with the best manufacturers of snow plow equipment to fit all of your snow removal needs.

Buyers is a leader in producing high-quality, heavy-duty snow removal products. Semi Service features SnowDogg snow plows and SaltDogg spreaders. These products are available for a variety of vehicles including light-duty trucks, half-ton prep trucks, and ¾ ton trucks.

SnowDogg snow plow models available from Semi Service include:

  • MD series – a lighter-weight model designed for SUV or light-duty trucks
  • VMD series – for plow prep half-ton trucks
  • V-Plow – made for ¾ ton trucks or larger
  • Reversible snow plows – for heavy-duty municipal applications

Semi Service is an authorized Buyers sales provider serving the Utah, Nevada, Idaho, and Wyoming areas.

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MD Series | SUV & Light-Duty Truck

The MD Series snow plow offers the excellent features of SnowDogg's EX series, now for your SUV or light-duty truck. This is a lighter-weight model.

  • Standard HT300 power unit
  • Aggressive curvature and attack angle (same as HD/EX series)
  • Foot pedal mounting & adjustable jack mechanism
  • Super bright plow lights with double stud mounts
  • Standard 3/8" cutting edge
  • Brushed stainless moldboard
  • Standard cast iron plow shoes
  • Standard poly deflector
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VMD Series | Half-Ton Plow Prep Truck

Power and versatility are packed into our SnowDogg VMD series. This plow is designed for half-ton plow prep trucks.

  • ¼" Laser Cut Steel Ribs w/ 2" Cross Tube & HD Channel
  • Easy to use over center linkage operated locking pins with foot pedals
  • Lift Arm - 35° travel provides exceptional snow stacking
  • Trip Edge Design for smooth plowing over obstacles
  • 3/8" Cutting Edge with Replaceable Hardened Center Edges
  • Powerful, dual beam halogen plow lights with secure double post mounts
  • Tough stainless steel corrosion-free moldboard
  • 70° Attack Angle
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TE Series | Trip Edge Design

Bringing the best of the HD/EX Series to a reliable trip edge design, the SnowDogg TE Series snow plows.

Includes snow deflectors, and a heavy-duty cutting edge included as standard items.

The trip edge mechanism keeps the snow in front of your plow and provides smooth tripping action.

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VXF Series | V-Plow for 3/4 Ton Trucks & Larger

The VXF series is tough and reliable, similar to our EX Series, re-designed as a V-Plow. This snow plow is made for 3/4 ton trucks or larger.

Regenerative hydraulics

Double-acting cylinders

Smooth trip edge mechanism

  • Integral Power Unit uses all standard SAE cartridge valves
  • Poppet valves and regenerative hydraulics provide maximum speed.
  • Fast wing action with easy to use hand held controller.
  • Brushed heavy duty stainless moldboard.
  • Center cap and deflectors for excellent snow containment.
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Municipal Series | Reversible Snow Plows

Reversible Plows for heavy-duty municipal applications.

  • 10GA 304 Stainless Steel Rolled Moldboard- Natural Finish Front, Black Powder Coat Rear
  • Eight 1/2" x 3-1/2" Ribs for Extra Strength and Rigidity
  • Four Position Attack Angle is Adjustable from 5° to 20°
  • Full Moldboard Trip with Two Adjustable, External Compression Springs
  • Reinforced 4" x 4" x 3/4" Bottom Angle
  • 5/8" x 8" One Piece Cutting Edge
  • Trip-Spring Anchor Plates are Encased and Continuous Welded
  • A-Frame Consists of 1" x 5" x 33" Base Plate with 1-1/2" Pivot Hole
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Tailgate Spreaders

The most cost-effective high quality tailgate spreaders in the industry. SaltDogg spreaders are built for durability and longevity. We offer multiple choices for both residential and light commercial to commercial, with ranges in capacity from just under 70lbs. up to 200lbs!

Feed mechanisms vary, so you can choose the tailgate spreader that works best for your work load. We offer:

  • Manual Open/Close Gate with Gravity
  • Gravity Feed w/ Integral Auger Assist
  • Horizontal Auger Feed

Compare specifications for SaltDogg Tailgate Spreaders

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Under-Tailgate Spreaders

Under-tailgate mounting allows normal use of the dump body, without interference from the spreader. Now available with electric drive or hydraulic drive.

Spreading Material: Bulk Salt; 50/50 Salt/Sand mix

Feed Mechanism: 6" Auger w/ 3/8" flighting

Motor: Available with (2) 12V DC direct drive, 2 Independent hydraulic motors, 2 Independent direct drive hydraulic motors

Ideal Use: Heavy-Duty Municipal & Commercial

Compare specifications for​ electric SaltDogg Under-Tailgate Spreaders.​​​

Compare specifications for​ hydraulic SaltDogg Under-Tailgate Spreaders.​​​

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Electric Drive Hopper Spreaders

SaltDogg Electric Hopper Spreaders are durable and reliable.

No matter what you need, SaltDogg has the Electric Hopper Spreader that you need to get the job done! Most models in this series are Medium & Heavy-Duty Commercial, although SaltDogg does offer a few Residential/Light Commercial models, too.

Models feature either a 12" or 14" spinner, 4-point tie down system, and a variable speed vibrator switch. Most are high-capacity (models range from apprx 1.50 cu. yds. to 6.00 cu. yds.).

Compare specifications for Poly Electric Drive Hopper Spreaders.

Compare specifications for ​Stainless Electric Drive Hopper Spreaders.

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Gas Drive Hopper Spreaders

These slide-in hopper spreaders are powered by a 10.5 HP gas engine, and are available in stainless steel, powder coated carbon steel, or rotationally molded polymer,

Spreading Material: Bulk Salt; 50/50 Salt/Sand mix

Feed Mechanism: 12"W Conveyor

Weight: Available in 750lbs. to 955lbs.

Ideal Use: Medium & Heavy-Duty Commercial

Compare specifications for ​Gas Drive Hopper Spreaders

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Municipal Hopper Spreaders

Salt Dogg Minicipal Hopper Spreaders are ideal for heavy-duty applications. The rugged design allows for user with bul salt, bulk sand, or salt/sand mix.

Models feature gas or hydraulic power source, adjustable chutes, and stainless steel construction.

Models reange grom 3.6 cu. yds. to 14 cu. yds.

Compare specifications 7 – 10 Cubic Yard Auger Drive Spreaders.

Compare specifications for 3.5 – 4.5 Cubic Yard Conveyor Spreaders.

Compare specifications for 6 – 8 Cubic Yard Hydraulic Drive Spreaders.

Compare specifications for 9 – 11 Cubic Yard Hydraulic Drive Spreaders.

Compare specifications for 12 – 13 Cubic Yard Hydraulic Drive Spreaders.

Compare specifications for 14 Cubic Yard Hydraulic Drive Spreaders.

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