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Spring is just around the corner, but we’re not out of the woods yet! We never know what the last leg of winter will throw at us, so it’s best to be prepared with all of your snow and ice removal equipment, including your salt spreader(s). If you need a new salt spreader to carry you through the rest of the winter, contact Semi Service to find the best salt spreader for your needs! Here’s a look at some of the main types of salt spreaders available.

Tailgate Spreader

When looking for the best salt spreader, most people will start looking at a tailgate spreader. Standard for all types of small jobs residential driveways or small businesses, a tailgate spreader is popular because of how straight-forward they are. Attach one to your truck’s tailgate and you’re good to go! Tailgate spreaders are also capable of being attached to anything from ATVs to skid steers and a few other vehicles you may use for snow clearing.

A tailgate salt spreader will deploy salt, sand, or any other type of snow melting chemical in a wide radius behind your vehicle using their electric-powered impeller. You’ll have control over the spreader’s activation using a remote, for typical tailgate versions.

The big advantages of tailgate spreaders are their wide availability for most vehicles, ease of use, and the fact that they’re compact enough to leave your truck bed open for other uses, like shovels or other tools you may need to get the job done.

Under-Tailgate Spreader

The only downside to a tailgate spreader is that it interrupts normal use of the dump body for drivers that need it. If you have a spreader mounted above your tailgate, obviously it won’t let you use the tailgate normally! That’s where under-tailgate spreaders come in.

As the name implies, these mount under your tailgate to give you similar functionality of a tailgate spreader without interfering with the dump body itself. Most commonly used for dump trucks and other types of large municipal vehicles, the under-tailgate spreader is the go-to choice if you need to retain full functionality of your vehicle’s potential.

Like other spreaders, these will be able to disperse the snow melt of your choice and make it easy to quickly coat an area in salt or sand to complete your job!

Hopper Spreader

Hopper spreader go by many names. In addition to hopper spreader, you may hear them called V-Boxes or V-Hoppers. If you ask other professionals about the best salt spreader then you’re likely to hear about a hopper spreader, especially if you service a larger area.

Using a hopper spreader will make it a lot easier to arrive at your jobs with a fully-loaded spreader ready to go, as they have a high capacity for storage. Not only does this mean you can get more jobs done faster, it reduces strenuous labor from constantly reloading your spreader (and you can potentially save money on bulk salt spread purchase!)

In most cases, hopper spreaders are used with medium- to heavy-duty and commercial trucks. Types of hopper spreaders include:

  • Electric Drive Hopper Spreader
  • Gas Drive Hopper Spreader
  • Municipal Hopper Spreader

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