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Product Spotlight: Tommy Gate Hydraulic Lifts

Semi Service April 1, 2015

At Semi Service, we carry some of the highest quality brands in the aftermarket truck industry. As an authorized Tommy Gate distributor, Semi Service sells, installs, and services Tommy Gate hydraulic liftgates.

About Tommy Gate

Tommy Gate is a leading brand of hydraulic lifts, manufactured right here in the United States by Woodbine Manufacturing Company in Iowa. Established in 1964, Tommy Gate is sold across the world and is known for its high quality engineering and craftsmanship.


A liftgate attaches to the rear of a vehicle and uses hydraulic technology to assist in the loading and unloading of large, heavy cargo. Tommy Gate offers liftgates for a variety of different vehicle types, including:

  • Pickups
  • Service Bodies
  • Flatbeds and Vans
  • Dump Bodies
  • Cargo Vans

The most popular liftgates at Semi Service include:

  • G2 Series – The G2 Series is a strong, versatile liftgate that utilizes dual hydraulic cylinders to power the platform. The G2 Series is available for all vehicle bodies except for the cargo van.
  • Original Series – Tried and true, the Original Series liftgate is used among a variety of different work industries. The liftgate features high quality lifting cables and a hydraulic system to raise and lower a fold-down platform for loading. The Original Series liftgate is available for all vehicle bodies except for the dump body.

To learn more about Tommy Gate and browse the full line of products, visit the Tommy Gate website.

Contact Semi Service

To find out more about getting a Tommy Gate liftgate installed on your truck, van, or trailer, contact Semi Service, your local Tommy Gate distributor, today!

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