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What’s the Best Equipment for Landscaping Trucks & Vans?

Semi Service July 31, 2021

Ask any landscaper what is their most important piece of equipment and the answer will probably be their truck – a workhorse on wheels. But keeping your truck organized and maximizing space can be a challenge, especially when you’re hauling around large pieces of equipment like mowers. Fortunately, there’s all kinds of equipment and accessories to keep your landscaping truck or van organized (and who couldn’t use more equipment, right?). Here are our top picks:

A Trailer

A sturdy truck trailer with a ramp will hands-down be one of the best investments you’ll ever make. It’s no secret that a landscaping truck is going to need to tow around a lot of equipment. Being able to tow more tools and vehicles per trip means fewer stops back at your headquarters. That means you can have your zero-point turn mowers for large business landscapes and your smaller push mowers for residential properties without access for your larger equipment.

Ease of use is also a major benefit for landscaping trucks when you add a trailer. It’s easier to load mowers, tillers, wheelbarrows and other large/heavy equipment onto a trailer than it is to get them on a pickup truck. Reducing your physical stress lets you save that energy for working harder and faster on the job at hand, which can dramatically decrease time spent per job.

Lastly, you’ll free up your pickup bed for dirt, mulch, or stones when the job calls for it. Getting more use out of the space you have is always a benefit. After all, every landscaper knows how precious every inch of space is in their truck bed!

Equipment Racks

Equipment racks are a must if you want to maximize space in your truck bed or trailer, and they come in a variety of configurations. No matter your truck bed or trailer size, there’s an equipment rack setup that will help maximize the layout of your truck’s load.

Racks designed for shovels and rakes and other long-handled tools will keep them from rolling around in your truck bed, while racks for trimmers keep the fuel tanks level and allow for easy access. Safety is an important part of working out of your truck. The less equipment loose in your truck bed (or open trailer) the better. The last thing you need is an injury to yourself or others!

And don’t worry about your preferred equipment. Every landscaping truck can have an equipment rack that fits your best gear. Upgrading to a backpack leaf blower? There’s a rack for that!

Truck Bed Box

Even though you’re in the landscaping business, you’ll always need to keep a set of regular tools on hand for building projects or equipment repair. Being a little handy with your mechanical gear can save you time – assuming you have the right tools with you to get things running again!

A sturdy, truck bed box will keep your tools handy. And while theft is always a concern, it’s easy to find a good truck box that comes with a lock. That lets you bring your high-quality tools without worry that they may be taken when you’re busy in the weeds.

Truck-Mounted Sprayers

If your business provides weed-and-feed services, a truck-mounted sprayer is a must-have. These sprayers convert a portion of your truck bed into a dedicated spraying installation, giving you access to quick spraying on demand. It’s a lot easier to drag a hose around connected from your truck than unloading a big sprayer, preparing it, and rolling it around the landscape you plan to coat.

Residential and business contracts are likely to include spraying as a desired service. And the best part? Some modern truck-mounted sprayers include separated compartments so you can prepare more than one type of spray.

The end result is a faster spray with less setup and packing away time, letting you move from job to job. Efficiency equal more jobs per day, which means more revenue for your business.


For any landscape business that provides customers with dirt, mulch, gravel, or even plants, tarps are essential equipment. They’ll protect your cargo while keeping other drivers safe from debris that could fly off your truck during your commute. In some states, they’re required by law.

Tank Racks

If you’re hauling chemical or fuel tanks to the job, it’s important to keep them from spilling over or getting damaged. The best way to do this is to add a tank rank to your landscaping truck! Tank racks, like any truck rack, keep things accessible but also add a layer of safety and stability to storage. There are even specialized tank racks available for gas cans and propane tanks.

Water Cooler Rack

Forget bottled water. Landscapers know that water coolers are the way to go because they give you more water with less waste. One of our accessories is a rack that keeps water coolers upright in the bed of your truck or van. There are even swing-out models available that keep your cooler mounted upright over your truck bed during the commute, then swing out when you get to the jobsite so your crew can walk right up for an easy drink.

Not sure what equipment will work best for your landscaping truck?

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